The One 2017 Office Design Trend Everyone Can Adopt

by Anne Flanagan

interior empty room

The way we work is ever evolving.

Today’s structure, content, and process of work is increasingly team-based and collaborative, lean and agile, and technology driven.

And the work environment has evolved in response.

Witness the open concept office, a reflection of this modern-day organizational model. Boundaries between departments and job categories are blurred as cross-departmental collaboration and knowledge sharing rises. Team-based processes promote agility, speed, and efficiency. An open concept workplace design encourages a sense of community, collective problem solving, and connectedness.


Complementing all these ideas is what’s known as well-being design, now one of the fastest growing office design trends of 2017. It aims to maximize the human experience and ensure that employees are effective, enthusiastic, and happy.

There’s even a WELL Building Standard (WELL) based on the concepts of air and water quality, nutrition, light, fitness and physical activity, comfort levels, and mental and emotional health. WELL joins LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) in advancing the idea of creating greener spaces and healthier, happier, more productive people.

The good news is that work places of all kinds—whether old school or cutting-edge—can incorporate creative well-being design solutions that inspire, delight, surprise, refresh, and motivate.

Creating a living wall (another hot design trend) or a water feature to many is a dream come true, but might only be a dream if you haven’t got the budget, the space, or the building owner’s buy-in.

But with a little imagination, you can still make an impact with graphics (think big!) that are practical and easy to incorporate in even the most limiting spaces. The following are a few examples, produced by AlphaGraphics’ agSigns department.

A beautiful “Fallingwater” mural makes a bold yet calming statement in the offices of a major tech company.


Printed on a material that’s similar to aluminum foil and molds to uneven surfaces, this stunning mural on interior exposed brick brings the view of the Warhol Bridge outside, inside.


A bit smaller but no less impactful, a large cloud print done on stretched canvas evokes a dreamy “big sky” feeling when hung in a conference room. No need for windows!

Blank wall art

A picture is worth a thousand words. But even words themselves can breathe new life into a space when treated as the star of a wall. At AlphaGraphics, favorite motivational quotes from the owner decorate a number of walls and reflect the company culture.


Spring is a great time to rejuvenate and refresh.  So challenge yourself now to get creative and incorporate well-being design in your work place.

You’ll work—and feel—better for it!


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