A Marketer’s Valentine: Love Your Technology

by Anne Flanagan

At AlphaGraphics, we love our technology and use XMPie to create awesome customer experiences. Here are three great reasons why that’s important.

A recent article in AdWeek revealed that last year’s marketing theme, disruption, is out, and that “the most important word in 2017 will be ‘Experience.’”

It makes sense. We now have the technology. Now what do we do with it?

The answer is, we create relevant, compelling customer experiences.

But to master this customer experience approach, we must love our technology. We must embrace three concepts:

  1. Marketing technology enhances efficiency AND experience.

Marketing technology isn’t just about making existing processes more efficient. It’s the interface through which your marketing is seen, touched, and felt. Your technology, and how you use it, shapes the experiences you deliver to your customers. Websites, multi-channel campaigns, personalization, interactive ads, videos, and content marketing have the potential to deliver game-changing experiences.

  1. Marketing technology needs strategy, and marketing strategy needs technology.

Technology can change what kinds of strategies are possible. In turn, allowing technology to influence and inspire your strategy can lead to innovative new solutions.

  1. Marketers must LOVE their technology.

The explosion of technology is fairly new to marketing, and innovative marketers are racing to keep pace with it. Why strive for the perfect marriage of marketing and technology?

Because marketing is becoming more and more about delivering dynamic customer experiences, and technology is the medium with which we create them.


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