Want Your Brand to Be Super? Push Boundaries.

by Anne Flanagan

I’m watching the Super Bowl, even though the Steelers are absent from the field.

So naturally, the commercials are the thing keeping my butt on the couch.

With bated breath, I’m watching, waiting for that 30- or 60-second, gazillion-dollar spot that everyone will be talking about on Monday morning.

What brand will be victorious? What brand will make it to the top of the Super Bowl ad review list tomorrow?

My vote is for the one that pushes the most boundaries.

For a brand to engage, often that means getting consumers to rethink what role the brand could play in their lives.

If you do things that are unexpected, fresh, and surprising for your brand, your consumers will start thinking about you in a different light. How best to be surprising? Do or say something daring. A bit risky. Dare I say, monstrous?

Brands that push boundaries in ways that are true to their souls are my heroes. I want to laugh, think, be surprised and wowed.

Who will be the “wow” of Super Bowl ads?

Tomorrow, we’ll know better.

But for now, Lady Gaga was a “WOW.” I mean, Monstrous.


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