The AlphaDog Speaks


Hi, I’m Bondi. You’ve probably seen me around AlphaGraphics, my home away from home. This gig as the AlphaDog is pretty sweet!

Mom (Sarah to you humans) and I arrive at work everyday around 8 a.m., and I do a lap around the second floor, sniffing the polished hardwood floors for wayward bagel crumbs (I double as a janitor). Pretty soon Clare arrives. That’s when the party starts!! I greet her with much enthusiastic wagging, jumping, and kissing…there might be a treat in store for me, after all. Next, I go visit the sales team. They’re the noisy but friendly bunch that sits up front by the big windows that overlook Penn Avenue. From there, it’s a straight shot back toward the big, open kitchen (my favorite spot) to see what people are putting into the fridge. Note to self: check back here around noon. I trot back toward the front to say hi to the pre-press folks who are hard at work in front of their computers. Finally, I swing by the marketing and design area that’s popular with all the humans. It has something to do with that big candy jar on the desk. It has a tight lid. I eye it with envy.

All this exercise soon tires me out, so I hop on my doggy bed perch in Mom’s office for a snooze. They tell me I snore a lot, but I’m too cute for anybody to really mind. I keep one ear open for when visitors arrive, so I can rush out to give them a proper welcoming—wagging and friendly barking are required.

After a good nap, I’m ready to go out for a walk. Mom or Clare usually takes me across the street where there’s a great little spot for…well, I don’t have to tell you. I like meeting the other dogs there who are out with their owners, too. The Cultural District is quite popular with us four-legged socialites, you know. Ever notice how packed Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s “The Muttcracker” is at the holidays?

After a lively jaunt around the block, it’s back to the office. Greet. Eat. Play. Nap. Repeat.

It’s an AlphaDog’s life.


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