Gold Circle Rewards: Camaraderie in a Tropical Paradise


March is always an interesting month to look forward to, especially this year.

AlphaGraphics is part of a worldwide franchise, and for the last seven years, we have been part of “Gold Circle,” a group of the top performing centers in the system. As a reward for our success, AlphaGraphics treats us to a fabulous trip to a beautiful destination. This year, we traveled in March to The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Maui, Hawaii. Needless to say, after the terrible winter most Gold Circle owners experienced, it was especially welcomed. The perfect weather and spectacular views of the mountains, ocean, and lush gardens made for a beautiful environment embraced by all.

But the most positive part of the experience was the opportunity to be with our peers and esteemed colleagues. One of the greatest benefits of belonging to the franchise is the camaraderie we share in friendship and best practices. My husband, Bill, and I moved from Boston to Pittsburgh in 2000 to start our business. We knew nothing about the printing industry, didn’t have a single client, and found ourselves facing a very steep learning curve! From the beginning, we learned so much from the top performers in the system, and they were always so gracious with their time and willingness to help.




Our recent trip was magnificent with a wide array of activities to choose from. In my leisure time, I could be found lounging at the pool or beach, hiking along the ocean, or partaking in my favorite treatments at the spa. On our way back to the mainland, we visited California, another place we love. We spent four days in Santa Barbara, and three days in Big Sur.

Next year’s Gold Circle trip is to the Caribbean, another one of our favorite destinations. We have already begun to look forward to it!


By: Clare Meehan, President and CEO


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