Move over Willy Wonka

hershey kiss

Just in time for Valentine’s Day next week, Hershey’s Company just announced that they are in the research phase of developing a 3D printer that would print chocolate candy and other delicious treats.  Yes, a printer that prints chocolate!

Printing in 3D format involves extruding one thin layer after another of a material (in this case, chocolate), one on top of another, until a solid item of one piece of material comes into being.  William Papa, vice president and chief research and development officer at Hershey’s is quoted as saying, “Whether it’s creating a whole new form of candy or developing a new way to produce it, we embrace new technologies such as 3-D printing.”  Hershey’s new technology would allow users to create custom designs and unique shapes.

No information yet as to when the 3D printer would be unveiled.  Nor did the statement indicate if this technology would be available for small retailers or reserved only for large commercial plants.

The printing industry just got a bit sweeter!

By: Liz Payne, Assistant Manager


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