Happy 30th Birthday: a love note to Mac

mac bday

I can remember when I first heard excited whispering about you in the halls of the Sharadin Art Building, Kutztown University.  How you’d be arriving one day soon and turn our student world of paste up upside down.  And then one day in January 1992, there you were. (A whole computer lab full of you, actually). Shiny and brand new, more than a bit intimidating.

“We are going to begin to learn how to produce our magazine layouts on the Mac”, my Publishing 1 professor boomed excitedly.

“Eeeek! A computer! I know *nothing* about computers” — I remember panicking.

“How will I survive? I’m not a computer geek! What will I do?!? Maybe I should change my major?” These thoughts flooded my head as I anticipated using this unknown tool.

But there you were, Classic Macintosh IIs, greeting me with your friendly “Ta-Da” as I turned you on, your easy to understand icons — user friendly even for a computerphobe like me.

As I got to know you, you amazed me with your new technology, I learned your ins and outs,  even dealt with your rainbow-wheel temper tantrums,  I started to quickly fall in love with you.

Looking back after all these years and thinking of how much time we’ve spent together, I can’t imagine life without you! You have changed my world!

Happy 30th birthday Mac! I’m looking forward to spending the next 30 with you.

Watch the Mac 30 video and scroll through the timeline to see how the Mac has inspired so many others over the years.


By Kristin Needham
Marketing Strategist and Creative Designer


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