What I Did on My Summer Vacation

I returned this week from a much-needed “vacation.” I put it in quotes because at least half of the “vacation” was all about taking my 20-year-old daughter back to college in Columbia, SC. Clearly not a vacation. It involved a lot of errand-running—before, during, and after the move—profuse sweating, and more than 18 hours of driving.

After it was all over, I needed a true vacation…which turned into my stay-cation. In the comfort of my own home. In bare feet and sweatpants. Doing as little as possible, but making small but deliberate changes that paid off big in terms of giving me a fresh perspective.

I slept until my body was ready to awake, instead of setting an alarm. I muddled fine sugar with fresh mint leaves from my garden to make a killer Mojito, instead of reaching for the usual chardonnay. I watched in awe at the deer romping in my backyard at sunset, instead of cursing them for eating every last one of my hostas. I painted on canvas using acrylics and real brushes (!), instead of designing with a mouse in Photoshop.

It wasn’t a trip to Disney World or a beach rental with palm trees, but my vacation was awesome. It gave me fresh perspective and renewed energy to tackle tough challenges at work and beyond. Tight deadlines? More revisions? No problem! Just pass me another Mojito.



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