My College Career ending with AlphaGraphics

As I am ending my college career and graduated with a bachelor’s of fine arts in Graphic Design at Edinboro University I set off right away to start somewhere and push my knowledge further then what my school could do for me. My first stop was about the behind the scenes of the major that I love and graduated with. My first initial thought was to lean more towards a printing company so I can learn about the printing processes that go into a project like the ones that I worked on through my college career.

I chose to come to AlphaGraphics for my internship because of the environment that I experienced on my interview and the beautiful landscape that Pittsburgh is built on in the cultural district. All the kind people that I met made me feel welcomed at AlphaGraphics and enjoyed my first visit. Today is only my second day of my internship but the amount that I have learned so far has made a major impact on me and is so glad that I gave AlphaGraphics my first choice.

I have learned that It can be stressful being in the bindery at first but as I asked questions, learned and became familiar with everything, it became very fun to see how the machines works together to create the finished product that is sent to the clients and businesses in the Pittsburgh areas. I am excited and look forward for the next two months here at AlphaGraphics to learn and work with the team to make me a stronger designer that I want to become.

Spencer Rauch, InternImage


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