AG After Hours – Battle of the Bands

This week is my first week ever writing a ‘blog entry’, perhaps I am aging myself, but how exciting.  I thought long and hard about the topic, and chose to go with one that has piqued my curiosity and I hope it piques yours – we have some seriously groovy musicians by night here on our Alphagraphics team!

Rob Zelinsky, digital operations manager by day, is actually a wonderful husband and father of two adorable girls by night, but definitely has a long history with music.  In fact he has played guitar and bass for nearly 30 years although doesn’t look a day older than 25.   He has recorded several albums with his former band, Peacefield, and opened up for acts like The Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs and Southern Culture On The Skids.  Also one of his songs was featured in the Movie King Pins with Woody Harrelson.  While I tried to recoup the photo of Rob with hair longer than mine, below is Rob throwback and today in his home recording studio.  Rob’s favorite songwriter is Elvis Costello, and I am going to go check out Rob’s highlight, Watching the Detectives, as soon as I send this blog post.

Bill Palowitch, mailing specialist by day, plays a Paul Reed Smith Guitar and vocals by night.  I learned a Paul Reed guitar is a very notable kind of a guitar, also endorsed by Carlos Santana.  Bill can be found around town belting out a lyric or three while strumming on his PRS chords a couple nights a week.  When asked who his favorite artist was, ‘It’s impossible but if I have to answer, Neil Young’ – great answer.

Mark Ramsey, newest member of our accountant team, has played guitar, piano and saxophone since he was 14 and has been in all kind of bands (punk, jazz, folk).   Soon after Mark’s first interview, my father and I were heading to New Orleans where Mark offered up some great suggestions from his time spent, like catching Rebirth Brassband at Maple Leaf.  However Mark’s all time favorite artist is John Coltrane – note this answer shot out faster than the horses in the Derby.  Mark’s current band is calling Cold Weather.

And for the others that don’t play an instrument, we sure like to follow music – to name a few varieties our groovy staff will be attending this summer (note while our near and dear Symphony is on rest): The English Beat, Jimmy Buffet, Fitz and the Tantrums, WYEP Summer Fest, Greg Allman and Dirty Heads. Enjoy the summer!!



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