La Roche College’s 2013 Design Portfolio Show

I’ve had the pleasure of attaining an internship with AlphaGraphics in the Spring semester of 2012. At the time, I was a Junior in college  and majoring in Graphic and Communication Design at La Roche College. When I finished my internship, AlphaGraphics gave me the awesome opportunity of working for them part time in the Bindery department through the summer and during my last year of college. I love it! It made my last year of college a little less stressful knowing that I had steady hours and could plan school events around my work schedule. Not only that, though, it’s an awesome place to work – I always look forward to coming in.Image
Now here we are, a year later. Graduation is very quickly coming up, but not only that, La Roche’s design portfolio show. The portfolio show features both Graphic and Communication Design and Interior Design students from La Roche. This year, there are a total of 20 students presenting their work. The show is located downtown at:

Cultural Trust Education Building
805-07 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Everyone is invited to attend!


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