Farewell to Our Beautiful Pug, Kenan


On Wednesday November 7, 2012, we said goodbye to our beloved AlphaDog, Kenan, who was my daughter Sarah’s dog and was born on January 5, 2005. Kenan was very healthy, but she suddenly developed fluid in her lungs accompanied by a fever. The cause of her death is a mystery, but hopefully we will get some answers soon.

Kenan started her life as a puppy in Manhattan and traveled the world with Sarah, most recently living in Sydney, Australia, for the past two years.  When traveling to Australia, Kenan made the journey to Los Angeles and New Zealand alone, and she continued on to Sydney where she was met by the Animal Center and spent a required 30 days in quarantine.  She was such a trooper!

While in Australia, Kenan traveled and made many four-legged and human friends.  Her wonderful, feisty personality was infectious, and despite some of her particular habits, you couldn’t help but fall in love with her.  She was a companion to many, because Sarah took her everywhere she traveled.  Whether it was walking the streets of New York City or spending weekends in the Hamptons, making trips to Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, Virginia, Michigan, and Pittsburgh, or skiing in Aspen, Kenan’s unique personality made a lasting impression on everyone who spent time with her.

Kenan moved to Pittsburgh two months ahead of Sarah, in April 2012, and that is when I really got to know her.  I quickly fell under her spell—we bonded, and it was love!  She spent her days at AlphaGraphics where many of you saw her sitting in the window of my office.  When I would walk her around town, she put a smile on everyone’s face.  Most folks wanted to pet her, and she dutifully sat to enjoy the experience of her soft fur being stroked.  I, in turn, enjoyed feeling like a celebrity walking her and observing the delighted reactions of all who came in contact with her.

As Sarah stated, “Kenan was the love of my life, my globetrotting companion, and my wing mate.”  Their gypsy lifestyle, adventures, and wonderful memories will always be with Sarah and hopefully will give her some peace during this difficult time. As one of Sarah’s friends said, “Losing a pet is sometimes harder than losing a human, for one big reason.  With humans, you typically have a range of emotions invested in every relationship.  Along with all of the good stuff like love, joy, respect etc., there might be anger, jealousy, disappointment and resentment.  With animals, however, the only emotion we really know is LOVE.”

I can’t imagine how Sarah is feeling, but I hope she knows what a great mom she was to Kenan.  As one of Sarah’s friends said, “Everything you ever needed to know about what kind of a friend and person you are, one can learn by watching your relationship with Kenan.  With that amazing dog you are patient, and kind, and always overflowing with love.  You care for her ferociously, and put her needs and happiness first, always.  It’s truly been a marvel to watch.”

We are all very sad at the loss of our beautiful, elegant baby girl.  Her memory will live on in our dreams, thoughts, and memories.

– Clare Meehan


Ocean Pug


Bella, my partner in crime.


Tamarama Beach, Sydney


Down Under Pug – Last days in Australia.


The Thinker


Unconditional Love


Aspen Pug


My Cousin Buddy (excuse the waist line)


AlphaGraphics Pug in the window.


Regal Pug in Virginia.


Hampton’s Pug.


My Philly friend, Sage.


Mommy Love


My private patio in Bondi.


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