My Favorite Apps

iPhones these days offer an influx of all different mobile applications. They range from Business to Education to Food and Drink to Games to Medical to Music to Photo and Video to Social Networking to Weather. With such a vast selection how can one choose?

My favorite mobile apps are the ones that keep me connected.  These include, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Pandora, and HeyTell. Twitter is definitely my most commonly used app.  Twitter is a micro-blogging social network site in which users send “tweets” to their followers. Each tweet has a limit of 140 characters, users can attach photos, videos, links, and use “hashtags” in their tweets. Hashtags are used to categorize popular topics or phrases in tweets, but are mostly used to say funny little things.

The Facebook mobile app is very convenient, it allows users to do everything they do on Facebook all through their mobile device. The one problem I am finding with the mobile app version of Facebook is looking at my friend’s pictures; the mobile app version does not allow you to do this.

Instagram is a fairly new app, but its popularity is soaring. Instagram is a photo-sharing application, much like Twitter. You have followers and you can follow your friends.  Instagram allows you to document your life through photographs. Users can upload and edit photos, and then share them to Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Pinterest is another one of my favorite apps: Pinterest is a website and mobile app. Pinterest allows you to create boards, and from there you browse your interests and you literally pin your likes on that board. Pinterest is a great way to organize things and find ideas for party planning, hair and beauty, and fashion tips. Pinterest is now reaching out to men with sections on sports, gaming, and food.

Stumbleupon is a website and mobile app dedicated to distraction.  When you create your account you are asked to select your interests, from there you hit the “stumble” button and you are taken to sites related to your interests.

Pandora is my third favorite app, for all the music lovers out there Pandora is for you. Pandora users can type in any song, album, artist, or genre and Pandora creates a playlist with music related to what you chose. Pandora is a great way to find new music and artists you may not have heard of before.

The last app I’m going to talk about is HeyTell; Heytell is a mobile iPhone to iPhone walkie-talkie. HeyTell users add their contacts as “buddies” and from there can send and receive voice messages. HeyTell is great for sharing stories, a laugh, or just silly inside jokes. HeyTell is fun for people on the go who can’t always text.

Those are some of my favorite mobile apps; I hope that I suggested some new apps for you!

Written by Hanna Chait,
AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District 


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