Making Creativity a Daily Ritual

For the past five years during the month of February I have participated
in a month-long exercise called “Thing-A-Day”.

Now in its sixth year, Thing-A-Day is “an open space that enables people
to get together virtually and participate in a creative sprint to make one new
thing a day and post it to a collective blog space.” The rules are pretty simple:
Everyone is encouraged to select a monthly, weekly, or daily challenge.
You can use any medium (drawing, painting, photography, videography, writing, cooking, sewing, building, installing, inventing, etc.) Time spent should be about 30 minutes. Report back to the blog once daily to post your “thing”. was first launched as a monthly effort to create a community of participants signed up for the challenge of creating a thing a day and sharing it with the others who had accepted that same challenge. This concept was born from the work of Ze Frank, who spent a year posting a daily new piece of original content on his personal website One of the re-creators of thing-a-day as we know it today, participated in Ze Frank’s daily challenge and thought it was so inspirational, that it should be opened up to a larger community format.

An open invitation in 2007 brought together over a hundred people to sign up for the first Create-a-thing-a-day. After 28 days, over 1200 individual posts were created, each one containing an original drawing, writing sample, photo, etc. reported by their creators.

By mid afternoon on the last day of February Thing-A-Day 2012 had 189 contributors from around the world, 2,418 posts, 1,721 tags, and 2,813 comments. I made my last post late last night. It has been a great experience exercising my creativity in different ways outside of the workplace and being able to share it with an online community. I will admit: some days were tougher than others — “what will I create for today’s thing?” stirring in the back of my mind as I traveled home from work. Reading other thing-a-day bloggers posts was always motivating and inspiring for those days when I felt like my brain was filled with tumbleweeds! I hope to carry on and continue this exercise not only in February, but throughout the year!

Check out the link to thing-a-day 2012
If you should want to sign up for Thing-a-day 2013 check back at the end of January for registration.

Written by
Kristin Needham,
Marketing Strategist and Creative Designer,

AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District



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