Large Format Paper Offerings

Ever wonder what type of printing options you have, when your project reaches a size larger than a standard digital press can handle?  There’s infinite possibilities out there for this type of situation, but one in particular is large format printing.  When it comes to large format printing, you have a wide variety of options from choice of paper stock to finishing options.

Many people doing projects at these sizes have a plethora of questions about what is and isn’t possible, and what will work best for the overall look they are trying to achieve.

There are many options for printed media, which are listed below, with good uses of each.

  • Prime Gloss Media is good for a standard poster, whether it be framed or unframed.  It has a high gloss shine to it, and is recommended for a more low-lit area.
  • Prime Satin Media is also good for a standard poster, but it has more of a dull appearance.  A duller appearance is more recommended for a well lit area, due to its nature of not reflecting light.
  • Backlit Media can be used for many things, but is most commonly used for a backlit poster.  However, other crafty options for this media could be to create your own lighted photo cube.  The possibilities are endless with backlit media, if you get in touch with your crafty side.
  • Vinyl Banner Media is often times used for outdoor signage or tradeshow displays.  This media can be used in displays from retractable banner stands to an “x” stand.
  • Low-tack Media has a removable adhesive back to it.  This media can be used for window signage, or wall signage.
  • Perforated Window Media is another option for windows, but it is a bit nicer than a low-tack option.  This media has tiny holes throughout the material, and is coupled with a solid black backing.  This combination allows for someone to see out of the window, but not in.  It makes for nice signage on a storefront, but when you still want to be able to see out the windows.
  • Fine Art Media is a thicker, more durable media, with a bit of a texture to it.  It also has a mild sheen to it, which really helps the colors pop.  This media is nice for use with high photographic posters prints or art replications.
  • Canvas Media is a high quality material used to customize canvas wraps.  You can use it to replicate an art print, or you can use it for photography, as it is commonly used for today.
  • Removable Fabric Media is an extremely nice quality material, that has a fabric feel to the front, but is also accompanied by a removable/repositionable adhesive on the back.  It is mostly used as an option for a wall covering.
  • Another media option for wall coverings is printable wallpaper.  It comes in a variety of textures, and is mostly used to make the wall look as though the print is actually painted on the wall.

As you can tell, there are many possibilities out there for larger than life jobs.  If you pair with a project coordinator, here at AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District, we can lead you in the right direction to give your project the best possible solution.

Written by Molly Kintigh,
Large Format Specialist,
AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District


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