Making a List…and Checking It Twice

As we approach the holiday season, many minds are focused on lists. Holiday shopping wish lists, holiday card lists, to do lists, the list goes on!

At AlphaGraphics we are always thinking about lists throughout the year.  Here’s why you should be too.

Let’s use the example of sending out a mailing.

When setting up an excel file of data for a mailing, be sure to have a separate column for each data field for each separate contact.

There should be no more than 2 columns for the address (address 1 and address 2).  These should be numeric street addresses. If you would like to include a business or organization in the excel file, they should be separate columns from the address fields.

There should not be any hard returns in any cells of data in the excel file.

Try to make sure the data in the excel file is the most current data you have.  Are the addresses complete?  Do you have zip codes?  The more information we receive  in the file, the better chance the  addresses have making it through our mailing software successfully.

Check out the sample screen shot of an excel file for mailing for a visual on what the initial set up looks like.

You can also download the file here to use as a starting point. (My holiday gift to you!)

Mail list sample

As always, the team at AlphaGraphics is available to answer any questions you might have when gathering data for a mailing.

As an added bonus for reading the blog: check out this fun little type kerning game……test your skills!

Happy list making and happy holidays!

By Kristin Needham,
Marketing Strategist and Creative Designer,
AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District



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