Large Format Post-Print Finishing

Having a poster printed?  Why not make sure it lasts longer by giving it the extra protection with our high-gloss or matte finished lamination films, or maybe even add some stability to the backing by having it mounted to a sturdier substrate.  Here at Alphagraphics in the Cultural District, we can suit almost any signage need.  Your large format project can come to life in the finishing department.  We have the capabilities to put an extra high quality touch to your work, from laminating to mounting.

The finishing of a large format piece, may be the most important and crucial part to the job.  We have many options for post printed pieces.  One of the most commonly used finishing steps is mounting a printed piece to another substrate.  We have a wide variety of substrates to choose from for this, which I will list in a little more detail for you.

  • 24pt. board  is one of the thinnest options to mount to.  It is comparable to a standard poster board you would find at your local office supply store.  Most people who choose this option are looking for something a little more stable to put in a frame.
  • Foam board is our most popular option among clients.  It is lightweight, which is nice for hanging, and it also comes in a black or white option.  The thickness of the foam board can also vary.  The standard thickness is 3/16″, however the white does have an option for 1/2″.  Foam board is also a substrate that can be hand cut, for that personal touch on your project.
  • Gatorboard is another contender in the popularity contest.  Most clients choose this type of board when they are looking for something a little harder and sturdier than that of foam board.  It comes in the same color and thickness options as foam board.
  • Plasticor is a commonly used substrate in the yard signage industry.  Clients looking for a nice advertising sign to place in a front yard or along the street, this is the option for you.  It is a corrugated plastic which gives the ability to place ‘H’ stakes in the bottom.  Plasticor is also a nice option for an A-frame sign.
  • Sintra is one of our less common substrates, but it gives a very high quality finishing touch to any job.  Sintra is a pressed plastic board that comes in many different thicknesses, from 1mm to 6mm.  It can also be used in both black and white.  Unlike foam board, Sintra is heavy in weight, but it is surely the most stable mounting substrate of them all.

The other most common finishing step in large format is lamination.  We can laminate any piece with our pressure sensitive lamination.  There are a few different lamination options to choose from.  The high-gloss laminate is probably one of the most widely used laminations we carry.  It can give any job that extra pop, with extra protection as well.  For those who aren’t looking for such a high glossy finish, we do have a matte option as well.  It still lets the colors pop, while keeping the print protected.  Probably our least known about lamination is a floor laminate.  This laminate offers protection for a floor graphic, but it can also add protection to a wall graphic, that will be cleaned continually.   It has a nice texture to it, with a slight frosted sheen.  Aside from protective laminates, we also offer a dry-erase laminate.  With this lamination, you can turn any board or poster into a dry-erase board.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these finishing options please contact one of our Project Coordinators for further information.

by Molly Kintigh,
Large Format Specialist,
AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District


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