Thank You Steve Jobs!

The passing of the visionary and innovator, Steve Jobs, was a great loss for our industry. The Apple brand has not only become the platform of choice for our entire business, but Apple products have made it much easier for our company to communicate with each other and our customers.

In 1996, Jobs company, NeXT was purchased by Apple. This returned Jobs to the company he created with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985. This allowed Jobs to create the wildly successful Pixar and NeXT Computer companies. His return to Apple sparked a rapid evolution in how the world communicates.

Apple has been the leader within design circles for nearly two decades. Apple computers are used by all of our marketing and design team members. Our team also embraces the many other devices created from the mind of Steve Jobs. He has revolutionized the phone and other mobile devices. The entire AlphaGraphics team uses the devices everyday at work or in their personal lives.

Our marketing team continually monitors technology leaders such as Jobs. We are always looking for what’s next. We enjoy the experimentation and implementation of technologies developed by innovators such as Jobs. The use of leading technologies aids our team in helping our customers communicate with their customers. This has always been our goal at AlphaGraphics.

I believe the goal of Jobs was to allow people to make life simpler and more enjoyable in business and in pleasure. AlphaGraphics wants to make the lives simpler for our customers. We are dedicated to this by any means necessary. Embracing the next thing allows us to do this. Jobs was always about what’s next. His creativity and ingenuity will be missed.

By Shiloh Massey,
Production Scheduler,
AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District



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