5 Helpful Hints for Your Order’s Printing Success!

 1. Preferred File Formats

When you’re gearing up to send your files to us, always consider sending the native files as well. This can be helpful for situations involving changes to the text or images. Sending a PDF is always acceptable, but keep in mind that when we have the natives to work with, the job can be done quicker if there are numerous changes.

2. Microsoft Office…Friend or Foe

As you know, Microsoft Office can be a bit tricky sometimes. Compatibility is always an issue and can cause the document sent to us to be changes without us knowing it.  When sending us an office document, it’s always helpful to send us a PDF as a reference as well.

3. High Resolutions are a Solution

Sometimes you don’t realize how a job will look until it’s printed. When in doubt, when creating your projects, always use the highest resolution possible for all images, logos, etc. Below is an example of an image going from a small number of pixels per inch to a large number of pixels per inch, causing the image to go from low to high quality.


4. Succeed with Bleeds

A bleed is a background color or image that extends beyond the trim area. This allows the bindery to trim the document down to size without a white line of the paper showing through. A bleed gives the final piece a nice looking clean edge, with image running right up to the trim edge. It is preferred to have at least 1/8” bleeds included in any documents submitted for printing.

All of these hints are just ways to help us meet and exceed your requirements through timely delivery of quality products and services. We strive to continuously improve performance through analysis of quality processes and customer feedback.

By Robin Ranii
Pre-Press Specialist
AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District



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