The “Use Your Coconut” Campaign, Phase III: The Ultimate Power Lunch

    With our targeted customers participating in our multi-channel, multi-touch “conversation” that began with the mailing of a coconut, we set our sights on the ultimate prize: gathering many of our most valued partners in one room for one grand event designed to educate, inspire, energize, and drive new business.

Phase III of our “Use Your Coconut” theme began as the first two phases did—with a personalized mailer. This time, our recipients got an elegant printed invitation, branded with our distinctive coconut graphics and mailed in a square, brown, translucent envelope.

“Join us for an exciting and powerful marketing event at one of downtown’s hottest spots,” the invitation read. “It’s the ultimate power lunch!”

Recipients could respond by going to a generalized URL to register to attend (or not) an executive marketing workshop featuring direct marketing industry expert Joe Manos of Mindfire, Inc., worldwide leader of marketing intelligence software and services. The lunchtime learning session offered not only the latest marketing know-how, but divine dining at the Fairmont Pittsburgh, a posh new downtown hotel.

Delighted with a 31% response rate to our invitation, AlphaGraphics welcomed more than 40 customers to the two-hour workshop. While our guests noshed on soup, sliders, salad, and (of course) coconut macaroons, Clare Meehan introduced Manos, who gave a dynamic presentation that explained the implications for marketers of Cross Media Marketing, illustrated successful marketing campaigns through real-life case studies, and discussed the best practices for improved return on marketing investment in 2011.

ClareMeehanJoeManos5.19.11    Manos summarized, “Mindfire partners with forward-thinking companies like AlphaGraphics in providing the powerful software necessary to execute multi-channel marketing campaigns. With Mindfire’s technology in-house, the team at AlphaGraphics can help you create a personal, relevant ‘experience’ that generates enormous opportunity for growth.”

Armed with fresh insight and a personalized marketing packet (Manos’s presentation included), our clients expressed praise and gratitude. 53% of the attendees completed a brief online survey that we emailed to each attendee the day after the workshop. Of those who responded, 100% said that the information presented at the executive marketing event was beneficial and that they would be interested in attending similar workshops hosted by AlphaGraphics.

With the wrap-up the final phase of the campaign—an apparent “end”—came a new beginning for our sales team. “Use Your Coconut” immediately generated 14 new multi-channel marketing campaigns and nearly a dozen hot leads and new opportunities to assist clients in achieving their marketing communications goals.  

ROI calculations for our “Use Your Coconut” campaign are preliminary, but the early “ballpark” prediction, based on the 14 new campaigns, is that we will realize more than 200% ROI!

Now that’s using your coconut!

by Anne Flanagan
Marketing Strategist and Creative Designer,
AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District


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