Google Pittsburgh’s Conference Room Signage Designed by AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District

In August 2010, Google Pittsburgh enlisted AlphaGraphics in the Cultural District to design 2 sets of conference room signs for their new space at Bakery Square, which formerly operated as the Nabisco Bakery from 1918-1998.

Playing on the history of the building, 28 Nabisco-themed signs were created for the 6th floor conference rooms, each named after a popular Nabisco product.  These signs reflect design elements from Nabisco packaging using bright colors, fonts, and stylized shots of product packaging.

The 24 signs for the 7th floor conference rooms feature a Pittsburgh: City of Bridges theme, with each room named after a specific local bridge.  Each of these signs feature a photograph of the respective bridge, as well as a screen shot from Google Maps featuring the bridge's location.

What makes this signage unique from most are the QR codes featured on each one.  These allow Google employees to view each conference room's schedule when scanned with a smart phone. recently featured a video of Google Pittsburgh's grand opening on December 7, 2010.  You can check it out here, and keep an eye out for the signage!


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